‘Big society’ chosen as Oxford University’s Word of 2010

The term “big society” has made its mark in the current year. Coined (or at any rate hammered almost to death) by the prime minister, David Cameron, and other coalition politicians, it has been chosen by Oxford academics as the Word of 2010.
The award for the word of the year, which has been relaxed in the last decade to include short phrases, was given last night after a sharp final tussle with vuvuzela and Boris bike.
“The concept of big society was a clear winner because it embraces so much of the year’s political and economic mood,” Susie Dent, of Oxford Dictionaries, said. “It has also begun to take on a life of its own, and that’s a sure sign of linguistic success.”
Tweetup, simples, staycation and jegging flew their flags for Twitter, TV advertising, British holidays and women’s leggings, but none emerged as a clear winner.
“The winner and all the words on our shortlist demonstrate the most successful processes behind language change – wordplay, blending, and the adoption of foreign terms are all there.” Susie Dent, of Oxford Dictionaries, said.

Source: Guardian.co.uk

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