First institute of translation to open in Russia (source in Russian)

The first Institute of Translation will be opened in Russia and it will specialize in literature. This was reported by “Culture” TV channel with reference to ITAR-TASS. Vladimir Grigoriev, Deputy Head of Rospechat, reported that Russian translators did not get enough support from the government.

As Vladimir Grigoriev mentioned, this functional vacuum should be filled in and they take this mission to create such an institution. He pointed out that there are different programs and foundations to support the translation industry, but none of them took the mission to coordinate this activity.

“The Institute will not be a school-like organization, but an organization that will provide grants to various projects, hold conferences for interpreters and provide other activities,” – added Grigoriev.

According to the Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeev, such institutions which assist translators in their hard work are necessary as the fate of acquaintance with the world culture depends on translators.