Google announces ergonomic changes to Google Translate

Google is rolling out a revamped Translate website. The changes focus mostly on the layout and visual elements, but the emphasis is on the ergonomics. The new website also highlights some of the more overlooked tools and features Translate provides.

“We’re currently rolling out several changes globally to our look and feel that should make translating text, webpages and documents on Google Translate even easier. ” Awaneesh Verma, Product Manager at Google Translate, announced.

It shows users how to get translated results using Google Search or how to add translated captions to YouTube videos. All of these additional tools are available on the new “Do more with Google Translate” page.

Another new page created by the Translate team aims to educate the users on how the technology behind the product works. A video on the page explains how statistical translation works and does it in a manner that non-technical users can understand.

The revamped Google Translate website is not live for everyone, but the transition should be complete in the next few days.